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    Convention Registration

    Our 2020 Convention Registration will soon be online.

    International Family Awards

    During the Supreme Convention, St. Bonaventure Council 7432 (Calgary) was awarded the Family Award and SD Vince Reyes was happy in accepting it on their behalf.

    Online Membership

    Online Membership allows Catholic Men who lead busy lives and may not have the time to fully commit to all council activities at the current time. Online membership includes a welcome package, access to the Online Membership portal, a membership card, Columbia, and the ability to participate in our insurance program.


    Book Icon Circle Contains publications by the State Council. Such as our Formation Program and State Affairs.


    Edit Document Icon Circle Forms for both State and Supreme Councils as well as prayer cards can be found here.

    Video Library

    Video Icon Circle Watch videos about membership, famous Knights, and our major charitable contributions globally.

    Athletic Tournaments

    Learn about the various Athletic Tournaments within our State Council.

    Knights of Columbus Alberta Charitable Foundation

    The Alberta Charitable Foundation is the Charity arm of the Knights of Columbus in Alberta.   Since its inception, the foundation has given over $2,400,000 to worthy causes.  The primary focus of our donations is Catholic Education, Children and Youth Charities, Women Needs and Seniors Charities.

    Who We Are

    The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men’s fraternal benefit society that was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works. Founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven, Connecticut the order has grown to more than 15,000 local councils and more than 1.8 million members throughout Canada, United States, Mexico, the Philippines, the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Guatemala, Guam, Sipan, Poland and recently Ukraine and Lithuania. The first Knights of Columbus council in Alberta and Northwest Territories was formed in Edmonton on January 5, 1907 with 30 Charter members. Since then the Knights have grown to more than 175 councils and more than 18000. Included in these numbers are several French, Ukrainian and Filipino councils. The Knights of Alberta and Northwest Territories have been active in many worthwhile projects and activities. They are involved in their parishes, communities, and youth programs, support of vocations, education and health systems. Their involvement in community life is a record of outstanding benevolent achievement.

    Latest Alberta Knights of Columbus News

    20191204 Tetra Society Donation

    Brother Joe Novakowski presents Nichole Yamchuk of the Tetra Society of North America Alberta Chapter with a donation from the Alberta Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation.

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    20191126 Coats for Kids (Calgary) in News Media

    Hello Brother Knights, On November 16, 2019, the Knights of Columbus distributed hundreds of coats to families in Calgary as part of our 'Coats for Kids' program. This event was covered by CTV News (Calgary) which can be viewed here.Please note that the link above...

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    20191028 Calgary Chapter Meeting Honorees Presentation

    The major degree exemplification was held on October 5, 2019 at St. Cecilia Church, Calgary. The honoree presentation was taken place at the Calgary Chapter Meeting on October 28, 2019 at St. James Church by State Program Director Sal Ficaccio and State Ceremonial...

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    20191108 Landing Page Info

    GK & FS in Alberta, I have received a few questions about Online Membership / Landing Pages in the past while I am sure there are other Knights with questions. In response, I am distributing the three attached documents. Landing Page – Online differences : This is a...

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    Knights of Columbus Insurance


    Since our founding in 1882, the primary mission of the Knights of Columbus has been to protect families from the financial ruin caused by the death of the breadwinner. In the beginning, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney and his fellow Knights “passed the hat” to benefit widows and orphans. From that humble start, the Order has grown to include top-rated life insurance, long-term care insurance and retirement products. With more than $80 billion of insurance in force and a full-time field force of more than 1,400 serving our members and their families, we are proudly fulfilling Fr. McGivney’s vision.