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DateLocationParishArrivalEvent TimeCoordinator
2019-Oct-05AirdrieSt Paul’s Church9:30am10:00amM. Steffler
2019-Oct-12EdmontonSt. Joseph Highschool9:00am10:00amLeo Sosa
2019-Oct-25CalgarySt. Patrick Church Hall7:00pm7:30pmW. Charles Russell
2019-Nov-16EdmontonSt. Joseph Highschool9:00am10:00amLeo Sosa
2019-Nov-22CalgarySt. Patrick Church Hall7:00pm7:30pmW. Charles Russell
2019-Dec-07AirdrieSt Paul’s Church9:30am10:00amM. Steffler
2019-Dec-13CalgarySt. Patrick Church Hall7:00pm7:30pmW. Charles Russell
2019-Dec-14EdmontonSt. Joseph Highschool9:00am10:00amLeo Sosa
2020-Jan-11EdmontonSt. Joseph Highschool9:00am10:00amLeo Sosa
2020-Jan-17CalgarySt. Patrick Church Hall7:00pm7:30pmW. Charles Russell
2020-Feb-01AirdrieSt Paul’s Church9:30am10:00amM. Steffler
2020-Feb-08EdmontonSt. Joseph Highschool9:00am10:00amLeo Sosa
2020-Feb-21CalgarySt. Patrick Church Hall7:00pm7:30pmW. Charles Russell
2020-Mar-14EdmontonSt. Joseph Highschool9:00am10:00amLeo Sosa
2020-Mar-27CalgarySt. Patrick Church Hall7:00pm7:30pmW. Charles Russell
2020-Apr-11EdmontonSt. Joseph Highschool9:00am10:00amLeo Sosa
2020-Apr-18AirdrieSt Paul’s Church9:30am10:00amM. Steffler
2020-May-01CalgarySt. Patrick Church Hall7:00pm7:30pmW. Charles Russell
2020-May-09EdmontonSt. Joseph Highschool9:00am10:00amLeo Sosa
2020-Jun-13AirdrieSt Paul’s Church9:30am10:00amM. Steffler
2020-Jun-13EdmontonSt. Joseph Highschool9:00am10:00amLeo Sosa
2020-Jun-19CalgarySt. Patrick Church Hall7:00pm7:30pmW. Charles Russell
2020-Jul-24CalgarySt. Patrick Church Hall7:00pm7:30pmW. Charles Russell
2020-Aug-28CalgarySt. Patrick Church Hall7:00pm7:30pmW. Charles Russell


(Formation and Knighthood Degree Exemplified Together Where Applicable) 2018-2019

DateLocationDegree TypeLocation Co-ordinatorC.O.
2019-Oct-05CalgaryFormation & KnighthoodDD Roone LearmontWally Muscoby
2019-Oct-26EdmontonFormation & KnighthoodDD Steve HorvathDennis Pawlowski
2019-Oct-26St. Albert (Holy Family Parish)Second and Third DegreeSteve C. Horvath
2019-Nov-23EdmontonFormation & KnighthoodDD Kazimierz ZiebaDennis Pawlowski
2020-Jan-18CalgaryFormation & KnighthoodDD Jim MyhreWally Muscoby
2020-Jan-25EdmontonFormation & KnighthoodDD Gerard BeliveauDennis Pawlowski
2020-Feb-24WainwrightFormation & KnighthoodDD Tom KennellyGerry Woodlock
2020-Feb-29Red DeerFormation & KnighthoodDD Morris SychGeorge Lazzaretto
2020-Mar-07Medicine HatFormation & KnighthoodDD Fabian DelwoGeorge Lazzaretto
2020-Mar-14CalgaryFormation & KnighthoodDD Bill WerbowskiGeorge Lazzaretto
2020-Mar-14Fort McMurrayFormation & KnighthoodDD Stanley BartlettGerry Woodlock
2020-Mar-15LethbridgeFormation & KnighthoodDD Pete LilienthalGeorge Lazzaretto
2020-Mar-21EdmontonFormation & KnighthoodDD Gerard KorteWally Muscoby
2020-Mar-29Grand PrairieFormation & KnighthoodDD Stephen MorinDennis Pawlowski
2020-Jun-06EdmontonFormation & KnighthoodDD J Lacoursiere
2020-Jun-13CalgaryFormation & KnighthoodDD Sal FicaccioDennis Pawlowski
TBAYellowknifeFormation & Knighthood

Brother Knights, out of courtesy to the sponsoring council or Host District Deputy, please contact the above and advise them of any candidates who are coming to be exemplified. Kindly have all degree items that are required for each candidate and a current membership card if they are proceeding to the Formation or Knighthood Degree. REMEMBER: One member for each candidate at EVERY DEGREE.With thanks,Daniel Barth, P.S.D. State Ceremonial Chairman