These are from the Southern AB Chapter Meeting on September 11, 2017 in Lethbridge with State Executive Board members.

The first is of: Myles Bourke, Chapter President; Rick Lavalley, DD 37;  Ron Schuster, State Deputy

The second is of: GK Monte Yanosik, Council 10547 (D36)

The third is of: Joe Machacek, Council 4743 (D37); Tom Jepp, GK Council 9280 (D36); Gaston Launiere, State Treasurer

The fourth is of: Mark Joevenazzo, GK Council 5726 (D37); Jody Ginther, GK Council 4743 (D37); Bruce Christensen, Council 4743, Fr Eligio Canete, Chaplain Council 4743/4966 (D37)

The fifth is of: John Onyskiw, State Advocate, Dallis McGlynn, Deputy GK Council 2674 (D37), Gordon Klein, GK Council 2674 (D37)

The sixth is of: Pete Lilienthal, FS Council 5726 (D37)

Missing from the photos, but in attendance at the meeting were: Andy Soshalsky, State Warden; Bruce Barnett, DD 36 & Anthony Rodzinyak, Fraternal Benefits Advisor.