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    These pictures are all of Bishop Grouard Assembly #0008 described by SK Cliff Mitchell. The pictures of Tangent Park are snaps during the weekend campout and May meeting for the Assembly, May 25 to the 27th. Our assembly has made this an annual event, the last weekend in May for the past 15 years.  The windup for Bishop Grouard Assembly, the last weekend of June has been an event for many more years. This year it was held at Sir Knight Joe and Lady Colette Kramer’s farm near Fairview. Last year it was at Sir Knight Eugene and Lady Antoinette Tremblay’s north of Grande Prairie. Other years it has been in Manning, Fairview, Grande Prairie and Valleyview. Our ladies are invited to all functions and they have there own meeting/social time during our meetings.

    The one picture was taken of the Sir Knights at Sir Knight Ernest Boily’s Funeral.