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    Brother Jairo Garzón, Calgary Coordinator, 40 Days for Life and John Leszkowicz, GK, St. Bonaventure Council No. 7432 are working with Theodoric Nowak of the Diocese of Calgary on promoting (Pro) Life Week May 6, 9 and 11.

    “Heart Detected, Must be Protected” and “Respect Life from Conception to Natural Death”. Let us convince all Albertans that these are more than words. They are the truth.


    LIFE WEEK: (Mass of LIFE, May 6, 2019 at 19:00)

    We just celebrated the beginning of LIFE WEEK at St. Mary’s Cathedral this evening at a Special Mass presided by Bishop William McGrattan at St. Mary Cathedral, Calgary. The Honor Guard consisted of 8 members, four of which were from Assembly 2346; Sir Knights, Brian Strawford, Carl Wemegah, Nnamdi Ahajumobi and FN Kevin Power.  The rest is Former Master Willis Winter, DD27 Roone Learmont, Wally Muscoby and Jim Myre (Assy #2841).  We can tell you our presence was much appreciated by the Bishop, Priests, Pro-Life Members (Brother Jairo Garzón & Paul O’Leary) and Parishioners.

    MARCH FOR LIFE – May 9, 2019, Thursday in Edmonton on the Provincial Legislature.

    Fourth Degree Knights are encouraged to wear Regalia.  There are 3 Chartered Buses leaving from Calgary.

    HIKE FOR LIFE – May 11, 2019, Saturday morning at Prince’s Island Park.  This is a family and dog friendly event.  Come out early for fraternity, exercise and who knows a bite to eat.  OH Yea, and raise funds to help STOP ABORTION! (Does all caps mean I’m YELLING!?)

    *(Summarized from the message of GK John Leszkowicz and FN Kevin Power)