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    Father Lacombe Care Society Calgary

    Chapel Ground Breaking Ceremony

    July 25, 2019

    Honor Guard leads in to the podium/stage with guests:

    • Pat Dolan, Chair, Father Lacombe Care Foundation
    • Linda Maye, Executive Director, Father Lacombe Care Society
    • Cedric de Souza, Chair of the Chapel Planning and Development committee and a member of the Board of Directors
    • Richard Gotfried, MLA Fish Creek
    • Sister Anne Hemstock, Provincial Superior, Holy Angels Province for the Sisters of Providence
    • Fr. Raymond Lowing, Vicar for Retired Priests
    • And last but not least, a Person whose determination, drive, dedication and love of this project, Evelyn Stewart, Director of Development and her team, Kelly & Val

    The ground breaking ceremony and blessing of the “Our Lady of Providence” Chapel opened and welcome by Charles Russell, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Father Lacombe Care Society.

    Guests included:

    Sisters of Providence from both Calgary and Edmonton – they had the dream which is about to come true.

    Sister Yvette Plessis, from the Sisters of St. Louis who have been active participants in shaping the outcome of the design and funding it.

    Colliers Project Leaders Stephen Monahan, Charl Johnson and Simon Rainsbury; from Aodbt, Architecture & Design, Curtis Drul; from Delnor Construction Managers, General Contractor for “Our Lady of Providence” Chapel, Sadeed Shivari and Shane Marchand.

    Cedric and his committee worked diligently on the design of the Chapel.  They consulted with a variety of stakeholders, considering the future needs of the residents and their families and living up to the challenges placed before them by the Sisters.

    The drawings of the Chapel are at the back of the tent and I invite you to view them following our program.

    Pat and his committee then took the drawings and set out to raise the required $2.5 million for construction.  However, they are not yet finished with the fundraising.  Still need to raise approximately another $150,000 that will be used for the Liturgical furnishings.

    Sister Anne Hemstock shared with her Sisters’ vision.  110 years of serving the less fortunate, both young and old, in this area is a major accomplishment. 

    Greetings from the Province of Alberta – Richard Gotfried, MLA Fish Creek.   Continued by Charles: We are always looking for new Members on either of our two Boards.

    Address, and Blessing of the ground and the workers and all who will be involved with assistance of Sister Gloria Keylor, from Sisters of Providence and Sister Yvette Plessis, from Sisters of St. Louis led by

    Fr. Raymond Lowing, Vicar for Retired Priests in Diocese of Calgary.

    Invited the dignitaries to pick up a shovel and actually “break some ground” for photos to remember this very special occasion.

    [Photo Op – pictures with shovels

    Sister Anne, Cedric, Richard, Father Lowing, Linda, Pat, Charles

    Additional pictures included a resident, Management Team, Sisters, Chapel P&D, Chapel FR, Priests]


    Thank you all for coming and for your generous support in helping us get to this very special day.

    Enjoyed a glass of Prosecco and hors- d’oeuvres that have been provided by Walter and his team at Great Events.

    Debra Nyack, the Harpist, who provided the background music for this afternoon’s event.

    McInnis and Holloway provided the chairs that you are sitting on.

    Brother Knights of Columbus, Fourth Degree Patriotic Honor Guards for being with us.

    Special thanks to Bandi Szakony from BandiPhotoGraphy who agreed to share all photos taken, and they are viewable on Flickr:


    Photos- https://kofc.ab.ca/envira/20190725-calgary-providence-care-centre-chapel-grounding-breaking-ceremony/