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    The International Award is from Supreme Council for the Family category in the annual Faith in Action programs. The submission was a write up about the Consecration to the Holy Family project conducted at St. Bonaventure Church in Calgary in January 2018. More than 2000 parishioners were given a prayer card and prayed that the Holy Family would protect them.

    John Leszkowicz, IPGK7432 was invited to receive the honor; and said was a once in a lifetime opportunity at the Supreme Convention.  All expenses would have been paid.  He mentioned that the notice was too late as had a previously booked family event. They tried asking the report author, the GK, and DD, but nobody could go. So they asked SD Vince and he was happy to accept it on behalf of Council 7432. Pictured below was the presentation of the award by our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson to our State Chaplain Father Jim Corrigan, SD Vince Reyes, and IPSD Ron Schuster on behalf of St. Bonaventure Council 7432 during the Supreme Convention

    (Left to Right) – State Chaplain Father Jim Corrigan, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, State Deputy Vince Reyes and IPSD Ron Schuster

    In the photo below, this award was present to John Leszkowicz, IPGK7432, during the August Chapter meeting.

    Left to Right – Daryl MacDonald/Calgary Chapter President; Ron Schuster/IPSD; John Leszkowicz/IPGK7432; Father Colin O’Rourke/Chaplain 7432; Father Brian Hubka/Calgary Chapter Chaplain; Brother Don Rasko/Family Director Council 7432 & Report Author; Vince Reyes/SD

    In addition, the State Ceremonial Director Dan Barth was installed by SD Vince in the same meeting.

    Below are additional photos from the Calgary Chapter Meeting