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GK & FS in Alberta,

I have received a few questions about Online Membership / Landing Pages in the past while I am sure there are other Knights with questions. In response, I am distributing the three attached documents.

  1. Landing Page – Online differences : This is a chart on differences between: General Public, Landing Pages, Online Knights, and Council Knights. Focus on differences of: Who enters information, and Education – sources of information
  2. Landing Page – How to : This document discusses what a Landing page is, how to set up, and how to use it to enhance your recruitment of new members.
  3. Online membership – How To : This document discusses how to access the online membership program (you all should have access), how to find the online members contact information and what steps to take once you have taken the Online Member to his 1st degree.

I trust that the documents will be self-explanatory, but if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Robert Reti
State Online Membership Director
Alberta / NWT State Council
(780) 472-1110