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The State Executive Board and Calgary Chapter President were invited to a special viewing and live screening of the beatification ceremony for Father Michael J. McGivney, Founder of the Knights of Columbus. Followed by a blessing and plaque presentations for the dedication of the Sacristy and Oratory at St. Mary’s University, and in recognition of the Knights of Columbus for our contributions to St. Mary’s. This event took place at the McGivney Hall on October 31, 2020. The President and Vice-chancellor Dr. Gerry Turcotte welcomed us; the Calgary Chapter President Daryl McDonald and State Deputy Vince Reyes addressed to the guests before the Mass. The live stream of the Mass and Beatification of Fr. Michael J. McGivney from St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hartford, Connecticut started at 9:00am. The Sacristy blessing was celebrated by our Most Reverend Bishop William T. McGrattan; followed by Unveiling of Plaques and photos taken.