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Our website continues to grow in readership with a 3.3% increase in users and 1% growth in visits year over year. We continue to enjoy a degree of growth across all sections of our website and our new initiatives such as the ‘Council of the Month’ continues to draw users to the site.

We have recently upgraded our homepage to allow you easier access to the latest information and news from the State Council, this should allow you to know when we update many of the resources on the site at a glance. We often launch new sections aimed at assisting Councils to communicate effectively and run more efficiently.

For those Brothers who find themselves in new positions within our order this year; please take some time to review the website in its entirety. It contains many valuable resources such as State and Supreme forms, Membership information, Program guidelines, and instructions, as well as news of what is going on within the Knights of Columbus. These are very valuable resources that are available for free for you to use in your efforts within your Districts.

Do not forget to also check out our Council of the Month section and see what featured Councils are doing. Please consider applying to be Council of the Month. This is an excellent way to feature a Council and their good works! This also benefits other Councils by communicating unique ways that your Council is helping your parish and community.

So, for those of you who are already using the website regularly, thank you, and please continue to check back and see the new features we are adding throughout the year. For those of you that have not, welcome, and we invite you to spend some time on our website learning how this valuable tool can make life easier for you.

Mike Duddy
Web Master

Michael Anctil
State Communications & PR Director