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    Rev. Jim Corrigan

    Chaplains Report; 110th Alberta/Northwest Territories State Convention

    My dear brothers in the Risen Lord. I write this Chaplains report at a time when it would not matter much what I write about the past, because all our attention is attuned to the present and the future. What I will say is the following. Our year began June 22/23, 2019, with our District Deputies meeting in Red Deer, where we also welcomed our State Deputy, Brother Vince Reyes into his leadership role within our jurisdiction. As well Brother Rufus Awharitoma engaged in his new role as State Warden on the State Executive Board. Our year was off to a great start with the Brothers all rowing in the same direction as the expression goes.

    On October 04, the Knights of Columbus played a significant role in hosting the First Annual Archbishops Dinner in the Archdiocese of Edmonton. I was privileged to co—chair the event and State Deputy Vince was on the organizing committee. Many Knights and councils participated in this gathering of twelve hundred Catholic families. My home council Archbishop MacDonald #6083 hosted the Edmonton Padre Knight night in late October attended by Archbishop Smith and Archbishop Pettipas from Grouard McLennan. November brought the mid—year District Deputies meeting combined with a lovely banquet honoring Past State Deputy Ron Schuster and his family for his faithful service to the Knights. I spent mid—December to mid-February battling a chest infection that cut out my curling and pretty much everything else except some golfing in Arizona in January. For the first time in a number of years I was not able to curl in the K of C bonspiel though we did post a clergy team with brother Ron Schuster as an anchor and brothers I do mean an anchor!!!. All great fraternal fun. February also brought an always enjoyable Padre Knight in Calgary with the endearing, entertaining and faith—forming Bishop Emeritus Frederick Henry as the keynote speaker.

    Brother’s mid—March brought to us a situation that none of us have ever encountered. The rapid spread and our protective response to the treatment and overcoming of the covid Virus. I do not need to spend any time on this because that is all we hear about day after day. Our State board meetings have continued to be by phone though we are exploring moving into the zoom era. The Alberta/Northwest Territories jurisdiction answered the call when State asked each council to set up an internal system whereby, they will check in with all brothers by phone to see how they are doing and if they need anything. I daresay that the isolation is perhaps more traumatic for some than, is the flue itself.

    I have continued to produce the monthly Formation program and will produce May and June as well. My recent focus has been on how “Faith in Action” translates into the parish setting. However, May and June will focus on Fraternity and Charity as these are key pillars during this time of covid. They are important for all levels of governance within the Knights whether at the local Council or the State level. Our inherent right as children of God is that we should all be treated with dignity and respect, regardless what role we fulfill within the Knights. We are all brother Knights. We should exude fraternal charity. It has been my unfortunate experience to see that because of our pride, we somehow think that we are above God’s law when it comes to how we treat one another. Stay tuned for a refresher course on fraternity and charity.

    Brothers, our 110th State Convention will be far different than we have ever experienced. I suppose that the hospitality suite will likely be the path from your fridge to your living room, so be it. Brothers it will all be good. We have been forced to think outside of ourselves during this time and I for one believe that to be a good thing. I am very grateful to my brother Knights. I feel in a very real way their strong support for the Church and Her mission. That is who we are brothers, emissaries of the Good News of our Risen Lord. May our Lord bless our meeting. More importantly may He bless our families and our Order. With fraternal thanks to you my brothers.

    Vivat Jesus!
    Fr. Jim, State Chaplain