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    State Council Launches New Website

    by | Jun 30, 2016 | Communications, News | 0 comments

    In 2013 the State Communications Team undertook the task of redesigning the state website with the intent of boost readership and increase content submissions. We wanted to make the website easy to use and so we put commonly requested items such as forms and photos in locations that made it easy for our members to locate.

    In 2014 we used technology from Google to get a deeper understanding of our users, and we used this information to re-design parts of our website and improve interactivity. Again in 2015 we used these analytics, combined with feedback from our members and the supreme council to develop a video gallery right within our website.

    Today, we are continuing that tradition of technological advancement with some new initiatives which we will be bring to you throughout 2016 and early 2017.

    We have designed an entirely new website with a fresh, modern design that is even easier to use. The re-organized menu at the top contains a link to every critical page on the website, no more returning to the home page to have to move between pages. A large banner along the top of the home page delivers the latest state news at a glace, and large, responsive, feature buttons that provide quick and easy access to our most visited information, regardless of the device you are using. Our home page now greets prospective members with the Alberta Northwest Territories Knights Story and directs them to pages that provide with more information about our order, and our updated calendar system presents the latest upcoming events in an easy to follow format.

    One of the major trends we noticed while reviewing analytics is that users seemed to be constantly looking for their local council. After confirming this with the state council, we knew that this is a feature that we had to tackle. So, today we are pleased to announce our new website will feature a council locator. This should help in directing new members, and brother knights who are new to your community straight to your council.

    With the development of the new website comes many opportunities to help our councils directly. Our goal has always been to create more effective communications within the state, but now we are expanding our toolkit to provide resources to help your council have better communication between itself and between your council, parish, and community. We plan to do this through a training hub on our website. This hub will contain articles on best communication practices as well as tips and tricks for effectively creating positive buzz around your council.

    Building on our success with our online video system we are developing video training courses that will be made available for our councils use. This training will focus on using free or low cost technology that we at the state level have been actively testing, and have dramatically improved communication within our own councils. This technology training will be a continuous development project that we hope will eventually include many members sharing their successes and helping to grow the collective skill set of all councils within the state.