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    Gaston Launière

    It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you as State Secretary for the AB/NWT State Council for the Columbian Year 2019-2020. This was my 5th year on the State Board and my first year as State Secretary, and as in the previous four years, I have found this past year to be rewarding and satisfying,

    The State Scholarship Committee, under my Chairmanship, consisted of Daryl MacDonald, Robert Pettigrew, Al Sander and Willis Winter. I Wish to thank all the members of this committee for their commitment and assistance for having spent over 22 hours to judge 48 candidates. Also, a special thanks to our State Executive Secretary, Shauna, for ensuring all documentation was properly processed.

    The DDs’ Semiannual meeting held on June 22nd & 23rd, 2019 and Nov 30th & Dec 1st, 2019 in Red Deer together with various DDs’ membership meetings held throughout the year were well attended. The learning and sharing of information proved to be valuable for the District Deputies and others present. For me, those seminars provided an excellent opportunity to meet many committed Council Officers, Chairmen and Directors. We continue to welcome suggestions for the improvement of those seminars.

    It is always an honor and a privilege to represent the State Deputy and the State Board at the various Knights of Columbus functions throughout the Jurisdiction. The opportunity to meet many of our Brother Knights and their spouse is always rewarding and gratifying. Danielle also enjoys these functions and we thank you for your hospitality.

    I express my appreciation for the opportunity given to me by the Delegates and Councils to serve as State Secretary during this past year. I thank Worthy State Deputy Vince R. Reyes, the other State Board members, State Directors and Chairmen and all Brother Knights for the support and encouragement they provided me during this year. As well, I would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution by our Executive Secretary Shauna LaGrange and Secretarial Assistant Lyn Shelton. I also thank my wife, Danielle, for her love, support and encouragement.

    I look forward to continued participation in our Order and Jurisdiction during the coming year.

    May God bless each of you and your families.

    Vivat Jesus!

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Gaston Launière
    State Secretary