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Brothers All

I usually direct my missive to the Council Wardens… but this edition must encompass our entire jurisdiction. I request that the Grand Knight and/or Financial Secretary share this missive with everyone in their Council.

In this edition, first a quick review on what is protocol then Protocol and our Priests.

What is protocol?

Protocol is the rigid code setting forth the degree of obedience, the order of precedence, and the rules of official and social behaviour… in essence it covers anything that is proper and in good taste.

Protocol and our Priests

A short story…

A priest walks into a hall to attend a function that he was personally invited to attend. As he strolls through the hall passing guests seated at tables he notices many seats around the tables are filled or angled to the table signifying these chairs are reserved for friends or associates. He inquires at several tables if a seat is available but is informed they are all taken. Feeling somewhat dismayed he leaves!

Well… this actually happened at a recent Padre’s Night. As your State Protocol Officer I am surprised and disappointed that this occurred. Brothers we attend this function in honour and celebration of our clergy. This is their night not ours. Common courtesy dictates we ensure that our clergy are attended to for this entire evening. We are at their service. Additional tables and seating were provided last minute but even some of these remained empty as the person the seat was being held for did not attend. A simple solution would have been to place another chair at the table and Father join the group. But no one even considered that option.

Protocol is not something we practice only when it suits us. It is an integral part of the Knights of Columbus.

Remember brothers we are here to serve our Priests and the church… not us. One can only hope this is a ‘one of’ and will not occur again anywhere within our jurisdiction.

If anyone has any questions or comments I may be contacted at

Thank you for your attention…and God Bless.

Vivat Jesus

Sir Knight John Onyskiw
State Warden