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Worthy Wardens

Welcome to my 1st missive of Warden’s Corner dedicated to all Council Wardens. You may share this with anyone in your Council but it relates strictly to your responsibilities in the Council.

I will endeavour to keep every missive short but it is designed to inform and educate you Worthy Wardens on protocol.

My first missive focuses firstly on what is protocol, secondly on your duties, and lastly on protocol that should be followed.

… so let’s get started…

What is protocol?

Protocol is the rigid code setting forth the degree of obedience, the order of precedence, and the rules of official and social behaviour… in essence it covers anything that is proper and in good taste.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Warden

  1. Be present at all Council meetings.
  2. Be on-time or a little early at all Council meetings.
  3. Be in charge of all Council property except moneys and officer’s record books.
  4. Keep all property in proper condition for Councils meetings.
  5. Instruct the Guards in their duties (obtain the Duties of the Guards from the Grand Knight Manual and distribute to the Inside and Outside Guards)
  6. Set up Council chambers for meetings according to the rules of the Order
       –    Tables, chairs, flags, etc.
  7. Inspect travelling (membership) cards assisted by Inside Guard.
    Notify the Grand Knight either just before or at the start of the meeting that …
    All members present are in possession of their current membership card”.
  8. Instruct Council members at least once a year on the Ceremonials of the Order, after gaining permission of the Grand Knight.
  9. Adopt the roll of ‘watch-dog’ during lengthy debates and drawn-out business discussions at meetings.
  10. Obtains and familiarizes himself with procedures and presentation of Memorials, Charters, Clergy Rights, etc.


    1. Find out from the Grand Knight if any guests will be attending the meeting. Ensure sufficient seating is provided. All guests are to be seated at the front of the room to the right of the Grand Knight.
    2. The Council Chaplain is to be seated at the head table.
    3. The following may be raised if members consistently fail to rise and properly address the Grand Knight before they address the Council. This may be done at the start of the meeting or during the meeting. Remind the Council that whenever someone wishes to have the floor to speak:
  1. Raise their hand to gain the attention of the Grand Knight
  2. Once acknowledged by the Grand Knight, rise, make a vertical salute representing the trunk of the cross saying “Worthy Grand Knight” then proceed to speak.
  3. At the conclusion the member again make a vertical salute representing the trunk of the cross saying “Worthy Grand Knight” and then sits down.
  1. A full size Canada flag and Vatican or Papal flag (optional) is displayed to the left of the Grand Knight. All other flags (Council, Alberta, etc.) are displayed to the right of the Grand Knight.
    After the meeting the flags may be stored in the closet.
  2. After the opening prayer the national anthem “O Canada” should be sung by all members present.

It is important for all Knights to know and understand Protocol whether or not you hold a position of office. Please refer to the Grand Knights Manual on the State website found at  for additional information.

If anyone has any questions or comments I may be contacted at

Thank you for your attention…and God Bless.

Vivat Jesus

Sir Knight John Onyskiw
State Warden / State Retention Coordinator

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