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    For Catholic men under the age of 35 looking for ways to contribute to their community alongside their peers.

    Who we are and what we do

    Our newly founded not for profit young men’s group is a sub-organization of the Knights of Columbus and we are looking for new members to come and join. Our main goal is to give young men an opportunity to give back by having several community events each year which will be serviced mostly by us.


    Our goal is to have roughly 3-4 events a year as many of our members are students or have just started their own families and we do not want to take time away from their already busy lives. The number of events will, however, be totally dependant on the availability and interest of our members.

    Contact us

    Coordinator and main contact: Tim Uchikura Council 1490


    403-308-4372 (please call Monday to Friday after 8pm as I will be in class and practice until then or any time on the weekend)

    Secondary Contact: Andy Soshalski Council 1490


    Young Knights Hold Free Adult Swimming Lesson

    On June 30th, the Young Knights of Columbus from Lethbridge hosted a free adult swimming lesson for members of the saint Martha’s parish. Alex Soshalski, and Tim Uchikura (both Council 1490) with the help of Seth Harasem together let a group of new swimmers through a swim lesson and a first aid /water safety presentation.. The lesson included stroke drills, demonstrations of swimming safely with children and how to properly use floatation devices as well as much more. Smiles we’re on everyone’s face during the time in the pool and especially when lunch was served by the Knights afterwards.
    The Young Knights of Columbus would like to thank all those who came to participate and help with the success of the event.

    A special thanks to brother Knights Howard Sharpe (Council 9280) and Andy Soshalski (Council 1490) for their support and guidance to the young knights.