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20181127 ACF Donation in Calgary

Willis Winter, a Director of the Alberta Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation, presents the Foundation’s donation to Dean Svoboda, the Executive Director of the Autism Asbergers Friendship Society of Calgary. and to Margie Schuett, the President of Camp Cadicasu...

20180619 ACF Projects

First picture: President Wally Streit holds a package of Power Milk at the St. Vincent de Paul warehouse.   In Jan. 2018 our ACF provided a cheque for $7,500 to the St. Vincent de Paul North of 60 project that provides powder milk for 10 communities in the NWT and the...

ACF Presentations June 2016

ACF Presentations June 2016

During the Month of June 2016 the Knights of Columbus Alberta Charitable Foundation presented cheques to many worthwhile charities and causes. A cheque of $8000.00 was presented by Daniel Barth, P.S.D., Secretary of the Alberta Knights of Columbus Charitable...