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20180221 State Convention Committee

The 2018 State Convention Committee have a meeting at St. Cecilia Church in Calgary, on Wednesday, February 21 at 18:30.  The meeting was chaired by Vince Reyes from Edmonton and the whole committee members was taken a group photos too; especially our Master Willis...

20180208 Calgary Padres Night

The winter snowstorm reduced attendance to 256 as travel was hindered significantly. However the Clergy and Bishop William McGrattan and Bishops Emeriti Henry and Cooney and Knights assembled at the Polish Canadian Cultural Centre enjoyed an excellent repast and fine...

20171125 Mid-Year DD Meeting Red Deer

The 2017-18 Mid Year DD Meeting was held at Holiday Inn & Suites South in Red Deer.  Supreme Guest Paul Perry, PSD, MPC and Guest Chris Carr were the key note speakers at the SD Banquet.  The ladies program was hosted by our lady Kathy and the Mass was celebrated...