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State Ceremonial Team
Purpose of Ceremonials
  • Very important part of our traditions as Knights of Columbus.
  • The purpose of our ceremonials is to inspire, instruct and motivate candidates to not only understand the principles of the Order, but to live them in their daily lives.
  • Each degree has a primary lesson to convey to the candidate.
  • How that lesson is presented to the candidates is dependent on the professionalism and experience of the degree teams.
  • All Degrees shall be conducted according to the format contained in the Degree Book for each Degree.
  • All ceremonial items must be purchased from an approved vendor.


The First Degree
  • The lesson of the First Degree is Charity.
  • This degree is a new member’s introduction to the Knights of Columbus.
  • It is incumbent upon us to make it a memorable experience.
  • The impression that the new member is left with will be the foundation upon which his subsequent participation in his council will be built.
  • Grand Knight is in charge of the First Degree.
  • A Captain may also head the team in lieu of the Grand Knight.
  • GK should schedule First Degrees so that candidates will not experience a long waiting period.
  • If the council does not have a certified First Degree Team, the Grand Knight should try to contact a certified team in his area.
  • If a certified team is not available the Grand Knight has several options.
  1. He, the candidates and their sponsors can travel to a First Degree performed by a certified team in his area.
  2. He can have members of his council read each degree in its entirety, or
  3. He can use the CD provided by Supreme for key parts and read the remainder. However, if these options are used, the Grand Knight should select members of his council who are good readers. The Degree should be practiced so that the members reading the parts or reading parts in conjunction with the CD are comfortable with the flow of the degree. Also the required ceremonial items for the Degree must be utilized.
  4. Use of robes is preferred, but dark colored business suits and Ceremonial Baldric may be worn in lieu of robes.
  • Warden is in charge of setting up the chamber
  • The District Deputy can certify a First Degree team provided the parts are memorized (FORM #2408).
  • The certification shall be accomplished during a dress rehearsal prior to an actual degree.
  • Each council should insure that sufficient Candidates Kits are on hand. If a council sends a candidate to another council for a First Degree, a Candidate Kit should be sent with the sponsor or other council member attending with the candidate.
  • Remember a sponsor should accompany his candidate to each Degree if possible.


The Second Degree
  • The lesson of the Second Degree is Unity.
  • The District Deputy shall be in charge of the Second Degree.
  • The District Deputy should schedule Second Degrees as necessary in his District.
  • A Team Captain may be appointed to oversee the Team for the District Deputy.
  • The Second Degree must be performed by a certified Second Degree Team.
  • If a certified team does not exist in his area he should make every effort to form one.
  • As with the First Degree but ONLY with prior approval from the State Deputy, he can have members of his Council/District read the degree in its entirety.
  • The team should wear robes for this degree, or ceremonial baldrics over a dark business suit with jewel of office.
  • The required ceremonial items must be used during the Degree.
  • All Second Degree books are charged to the District.
  • A Second Degree Team is certified by the State Ceremonial Director during a dress rehearsal prior to an actual degree.
  • The North West area – Grande Prairie, Peace River as well as Fort McMurray    should have or put in place a Second Degree team.


The Third Degree
  • The lesson of the Third Degree is Fraternalism.
  • The State Deputy is responsible for the Third Degrees held in his State.
  • The term “Third Degree Team” has been changed to Conferring Officer and his staff.
  • Only a certified (by Supreme) Conferring Officer and his staff can exemplify the Third Degree.
  • The C.O. appointed and assigned by the State Deputy or Ceremonial Director is in charge of this Degree from the time he receives the gavel from the Host DD until he returns it to the Host DD.
  • The C.O. may travel with his chosen Warden, F.P. (Fraternal Presenter) and perhaps a sound person.
  • The C.O. carries his own equipment.
  • Host DD opens the Third Degree.  PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR THIS.
  • The State Ceremonial Director will contact a Conferring Officer and assign him and his staff to the Degree.
  • The Conferring Officer will contact the District Deputy to work out the necessary details for the Degree.
  • Cost of medallions should be included with the candidate’s fee.
  • Once the Conferring Officer arrives on site, he is in charge of the Degree.
  • Robes will be worn for this Degree.


Host District Deputies Ensure
  • A venue to hold the Degree is reserved.
  • Have an ample supply of chairs and a few tables.
  • If Mass is held, notify the priest and then have the petitions and readers in place.
  • Ensure there is a room for the candidates to gather.
  • Notify other District Deputies about the Degree and confirm number of candidates to the Conferring Officer seven days before the Degree.
  • Have at least ONE Knight present (or more) for each candidate.  Degrees held with only one or two observers tells the candidates that the Knights are not interested in their initiation.
  • Require and ensure that the Second Degree has at least five Guards available to assist the Warden.
  • While ceremonials are being conducted, no alcohol will be served on the premises.


All District Deputies Should
  • Encourage Councils in rural areas to hold their OWN First Degrees in their Council Chambers.
  • Utilize council robes or Ceremonial Baldrics (complete with jacket, tie, slacks and shoes. NO RUNNING SHOES OR BLUE JEANS).
  • According to the NEW PROTOCOLS, Second Degrees are encouraged to also stand alone on District levels.
  • As with the First Degree but ONLY with prior approval from the State Deputy, the Second Degree can be read in its entirety. This underscores the necessity of teams travelling to do the Second Degree, which can amount to hundreds of dollars per Degree.
  • Supreme pays the cost of travel for the Third Degree Conferring Officer.
  • Encourage those councils that need First Degree paraphernalia to procure them. State may help you with expenses if you so request.
  • Encourage formation of new teams and to procure items needed for the Second Degree.
  • If the Degree Books are required, the District Deputy, State Deputy or Ceremonial Director can order them from Supreme.
  • Invite the State Deputy to ALL Third Degrees.
  • Do not cancel the Degree.  IF NECESSARY, set a new date. Notifications are to go to Ceremonials (C.O. & State Deputy).
  • Ensure anyone participating on a team has it memorized or is a good eye contacting, emphatic reader.
  • Fill out Ceremonial FORM #450 for each Degree in your area.
  • Reserve your Degree facility far in advance of the date for the Degree.
  • Utilize Honour Scrolls (FORM # 27) for the First, Second and Third Degree for each exemplification.
  • Ceremonial Baldrics can be worn in public areas but NOT Council robes.
  • Note that First Degree books were mailed to all Financial Secretaries on record in 2005.  New Councils formed after this date must requisition new books.
  • DD shall ensure all Teams in his District are certified in their presentation.
  • Insure at least two people man the registration desk.  Make a copy of the candidate names for the Warden.
Major Degree Dates

DateLocationDegree TypeLocation Co-ordinatorC.O.
2018-Aug-30EdmontonFormation & KnighthoodTBA
2018-Aug-30CalgaryFormation & KnighthoodTBA
2018-Sept-15Grande PrairieFormation & KnighthoodD. Pawlowski
2018-Oct-20CalgaryFormation & KnighthoodW. Muscoby
2018-Oct-27EdsonFormation & KnighthoodD. Pawlowski
2018-Nov-03Fort McMurrayFormation & KnighthoodTBA
2018-Nov-17EdmontonFormation & KnighthoodD. Pawlowski
2018-Nov-17WainwrightFormation & KnighthoodTBA
2019-Jan-26CalgaryFormation & KnighthoodW. Muscoby
2019-Feb-9BonnyvilleFormation & KnighthoodTBA
2019-Mar-16EdmontonFormation & KnighthoodD. Pawlowski
2019-Mar-17LethbridgeFormation & KnighthoodG. Lazzaretto
2019-Mar-23Red DeerFormation & KnighthoodD. Pawlowski
2019-Mar-24CalgaryFormation & KnighthoodW. Muscoby
2019-Apr-13LloydminsterFormation & KnighthoodD. Pawlowski
2019-Jun-15EdmontonFormation & KnighthoodG. Lazzaretto
2019-Jun-15CalgaryFormation & KnighthoodD. Pawlowski
TBAYellowknifeFormation & Knighthood

State Ceremonial Policy

From Section L-1 of the Grand Knight’s Manual

  • The hosting District(s) or Council(s) will provide and be responsible for the Second Degree Team at its expense.
  • If the hosting District(s) or Council(s) wish the State Ceremonial Director to provide a travelling Second Degree Team, he may do so, but at an additional cost of $300.00.
  • The hosting District(s) or Council(s) will pay the cost and expense of the Conferring Officer and his staff as follows:
    1. A charge of $25.00 per Candidate.
    2. The State Board has eliminated the $750 minimum charge.
    3. a)The hosting District(s) or Council (s) are authorized to charge the AB/NWT State Council $10.00 for the Conferring Officer and each staff member, and, if applicable, each Second Degree Team Member, who remains to attend the Initiation Banquet.
  • The host District(s) or Council(s) will forward the Degree Team’s fee to the State Treasurer on the day the Degree is held or within seven (7) days of the Degree.
    1. The cheque is made out to “The Knights of Columbus Alberta/NWT State Council” and submitted to the State Treasurer.
    2. The Team Captain is to inform the State Treasurer within ten (10) days of the expenses for each Degree, the number of Candidates and the District Deputy in charge.
    3. The sponsoring body of the Initiation will absorb any loss or profit accruing from the initiation.