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    Charitable Foundation

    A Charitable Division of the Alberta / NWT State Council

    November 23, 2016

    My Brother Knights

    Since our Charitable Foundation was formed 35 years ago over $2,300,000 has been donated, on behalf of Brother Knights , to deserving Charities.

    The primary focus of our donations is education, children and youth charities, women’s needs and senior’s charities.

    It is a challenge each year to cover our donations and very modest operating costs from our cash flow (including investment interest and dividends), without eroding our capital.   In order to ensure this objective, we encourage Brother Knights and Friends of Knights to make donations ($50,$100,$500) on an annual basis.   Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $20.

    Just to the right of this letter you may follow links to view:

    •     • How to make a donation or pledge.
    •     • How to request a donation.
    •     • A detailed list of donations made over the past two years.
    •     • A Bio section so you can get to know the members of our ACF Board.
    •     • A photo gallery of pictures of some of the charities in action.

    We have worked diligently to grow our Charitable Foundation so that we can support more of the charitable requests that get directed to us via councils and assemblies.   Every active Knight in our jurisdiction is a member of our Charitable Foundation.   Our goal is to have all Knights take ownership of our Foundation and to be proud of our accomplishments.  As we know with UNITY we are more successful with CHARITY.

    Please contact the writer or any member of our Board if you have questions.


    Wally N. Streit- PSD

    President – ACF