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    Charitable Foundation

    A Charitable Division of the Alberta / NWT State Council



    •     The Alberta Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation or the” ACF” was founded in 1981 by a group of visionaries most of whom were Past State Deputies.

    •     The goal of these visionaries was to create a capital fund that would generate investment income which could be used to assist charitable projects and causes. The value of our Investment Portfolio has now grown to $2,400,000.

    •     Since its inception the ACF has given over $2,300,000 to charities on behalf of member Knights in the Alberta-NWT Jurisdiction. To date, more than 90 charitable causes have benefited from the ACF.

    •     The primary focus of our donations is Education, Children and Youth Charities, Women’s Needs and Senior’s Charities.

    •     The State Council Executive Board or Subordinate Councils may initiate and/or support a formal request for funds from a registered charitable organization.

    •     All applications for funding must be supported by the required information as listed on the State website and such applications are to be submitted to the ACF Donation Review Chairman.

    •     The Board of Directors of the ACF is mandated to provide good stewardship and prudent management of the funds to promote and assist charitable projects for all people, regardless of race, colour, or creed.

    •     In view of prevailing lower interest rates and increased requests from deserving charities the ACF Board embarked on a campaign known as Catch the Spirit with an object of increasing our designated permanent capital by one million dollars.
    The first phase of that campaign is concluded and we are now planning Top up Dinners in Calgary (April 21, 2018) and Edmonton(April 14, 2018) to punt us over our overall goal. If you can serve on our Top up Dinner committee or you can source a live or silent auction item please contact Glen Murphy or Willis Winter in Calgary or Wally Streit or Randy Yatscoff in Edmonton.

    •     We have a new ACF brochure. Contact a member of our Board or our State Office and we will make sure you receive a copy or copies.