Marian Icon Prayer Program


The Holy Family Prayer Program began August 5 at the 132nd Supreme Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This program features an image of the Holy Family. Each Knights of Columbus jurisdiction received several Holy Family images, which will be the centerpiece of prayer services conducted in churches and council meeting places throughout the Order for the duration of the program.

Here are some suggestions to help your council in planning your council’s participation in the Holy Family Prayer Program.

Once you Request the Icon for a certain day The Marian Prayer Program chairman can consult your chaplain and/or pastor about the service and set a location for the prayer service to be held.

Identify council members and clergy to fulfill the various roles called for in the prayer program.

Representatives of your council should attend the service at the council from whom you will receive the image and bring the image to your council.

Instruct the congregation to say the prayers at a moderate pace to ensure the service is truly reverent.

If possible, the choir leader should review the hymns with the congregation before the service.

Collect prayer books after the service to be sent along with the image to the next council.

No money should be collected nor should any social activity be held in conjunction with the service.

The grand knight should record the council’s program in the log book that accompanies the image before sending it on to the next council.

Additional copies of the prayer books and prayer cards used in the program can be ordered from the Supreme Council Fraternal Services Department.

Also, You can use the Marian Hour of Prayer Icon for your Council meetings, Masses at you halls, membership drives at your parish, to visit sick members of your council, etc;

To help bring parishioners together in a spiritual activity and promote devotion to Mary, the Knights of Columbus Supreme council is pleased to announce a new church activity, the 5th Sunday Rosary Program. Knights, their families and other parishioners are encouraged to pray the rosary as a corporate body every time a 5th Sunday occurs during a month.

The 5th Sunday Rosary services will be conducted on Aug. 30, Nov. 29, Jan. 31, and May 29, during the 2015-2016 fraternal year.

Finger rosaries that can be used during the program, are available from the Supreme Council and can be ordered by using the 5th Sunday Rosary Kit (SR-KIT). Participants may also use their own rosaries, and Knights are encouraged to use the rosaries that they received during their First Degree. Conducting this Church Activity every time a 5th Sunday occurs during a month as part of the 2015-2016 fraternal year will allow your council to list each one in the Church Activities section on the Columbian Award Application(#SP-7). In addition, it provides a visible “faith formation” program that will engage current members and their families, and offer parish families who are not yet part of the council an opportunity to experience the faith and fellowship that comes with being a member of the Knights of Columbus.