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Church Programs

Knights of Columbus Church Programs include activities that include family members in social and recreational events at their parish and community.  These programs also comprise activities that invigorate the family with strength and vitality, making them strong and vibrant in imitation of the Holy Family as described in Building the Domestic Church **,

Vocations and the Refund Support Vocations Program

As one of the feature programs, the Refund Support Vocations Program is a financial matching program by which councils or assemblies sponsor one or more seminarians from any diocese within Alberta-NWT.  In turn, Supreme would then refund$100.00to the sponsoring council.  Councils begin by contacting their local diocese to obtain a list of seminarians in financial need. The donation must be a minimum of $500.00 per seminarian.  In addition, the council is expected to pray for the seminarian being sponsored and, insofar as may be possible, convey its moral support such as through greeting and thank-you cards as well as personal visits to seminary and invitations of seminarian to council events.  This program is strongly encouraged, because it is particularly vital as many seminarians have limited financial resources and the Church cannot exist without priests.  In 2015 financial help from 3,224 councils and assemblies donated more than 3.7 $US million.  For more information click RSVP Program and the RSVP form.  For support, email the State RSVP Chairman,

CIS study program ( Building the Domestic Church)

Kiosk – Councils can now order a kiosk with the full Building the Domestic Church Series of books for their parish hall or church basement or vestibule. The kiosks can be ordered directly from CIS at or Knights Gear. The kiosks come fully assembled with a box of 225 books for a special price of $150.00. Councils can then order a full refill or select the most popular books to re-stock. To qualify councils just need to order and promote this series. The hope is that it sparks additional discussion groups and readings among families and parishioners. Councils could promote a particular book each month.


Pennies for Heaven

The purpose of the Pennies for Heaven program is to raise funds to aid seminarians.  All councils can contribute to this fund for seminarians by accepting donations at their monthly meetings and then sending the proceeds to the State Pennies for Heaven Chairman either before or at the State Convention.  Many councils make a creative and colourful container or jar for this purpose.  For more details, contact the Pennies for Heaven Chairman,

5th Sunday Rosary **

The 5th Sunday Rosary Program brings the Knights and their fellow parishioners together to pray the rosary every month that has a 5th Sunday.  This program can be undertaken any time on the Sunday in the parish and is especially suited to being prayed before or after a mass, but remains the council’s decision.  Ideally praying the rosary would include the parish priest.  Importantly, this program exemplifies the Knights’ dedication to prayer and is at once an occasion to meet prospective candidates for the Knights.  Click Kits to order the kit and download in the English fact sheet 5th Sunday Fact Sheet or in French 5th Sunday Fact Sheet.  For more details, email our State Church Coordinator,

Keep Christ in Christmas

This year, any KCIC activity is counted for Domestic Church activity credit. The Supreme Knight has highlighted the Journey to the Inn Advent Celebration as a particularly worthy program. Details for all Keep Christ in Christmas details are at Journey to the Inn as a full program book to help councils plan their advent celebration and involve parish youth, especially in the re-enactment of the journey of the Holy Family to Nazareth.

Knights’ councils continue to run the Keep Christ in Christmas program which can include a poster contest or project. Both programs are positive ways by which Knights can publically present “the reason for the season” – Jesus Christ, in order that Christ remains the focus of the twelve days of the Christmas season.  This program could also include Christ, fridge magnets, or even lapel buttons.For more details, email our State Church Coordinator,

The Father McGivney Guild

All Knights are strongly encouraged to join The Father McGivney Guild.  Guild members pray for the cause for our Founder’s canonization.  Guild members can include family members of Knights; and, so, prayers to Fr. McGivney, like the one below, may be said both at council meetings as well as within the family.  In turn, Fr. Gabriel B. O’Donnell, the Vice-postulator for Father McGivney’s sainthood, offers a mass every week for all Guild members.   Furthermore, Knights should report any miracles from Fr. McGivney to Fr. O’Donnell by going to the Fr. McGivney website.  For more details, email our State Fr. McGivney Guild Chairman, email:

The McGivney Prayer

God, our Father, protector of the poor and defender of the widow and orphan, you called your priest, Father Michael J. McGivney, to be an apostle of Christian family life and to lead the young to the generous service of their neighbour. Through the example of his life and virtue may we follow your Son, Jesus Christ, more closely, fulfilling his commandment of charity and building up His Body which is the Church. Let the inspiration of your servant prompt us to greater confidence in your love so that we may continue his work of caring for the needy and the outcast. We humbly ask that you glorify your venerable servant Fr. Michael J. McGivney on earth according to the design of your holy will. Through his intercession, grant the favour I now present (here make your request) through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Liam Connelly

Liam Connelly

Church Program Director

Programs & Activities

  • - Pennies for Heaven
  • - Eucharistic Minister
  • - Minister of Hospitality
  • - Lectors
  • - Maintenance
  • - Serve Mass
  • - Round Table
  • - Keep Christ in Christmas.
  • - Distribute Rosaries
  • - Study Groups
  • - Lay Apostolate
  • - Retreats
  • - Recognise Alter Servers
  • - Generations of Faith
  • - Decorating
  • - Counters
  • - Support New Parishes
  • - Music Ministries/Church Choirs.
  • - Refund to Support Vocations (RVSP)
  • - Religious Vocations. Awareness Grade 5 Poster Contest.
  • - Clergy appreciation dinner.
  • - Alter server appreciation.
  • - Parish grounds clean up.
  • - Faith formation programs.
  • - Corporate communion
  • - Sponsor Holy hours and Eucharistic Adoration.
  • - Bible discussions
  • - Rosary making and distribution.
  • - Volunteer as lectors and/ or ushers at Mass.
  • - Sponsor parish retreats.
  • - Silver Rose program.
  • - Solidarity Cross program.
  • - *Building the Domestic Church
  • - *5th Sunday Rosary.
  • - *Father’s day Affirmation of Wedding vows.
  • - *CIS study program.
  • - *Christians at risk.