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Community Programs

Wheelchair Program

This feature program is another very helpful way in which Councils help the less fortunate by buying wheelchairs for those who need them.  For more details click the Global Wheelchair Mission or contact the State Wheelchair Foundation Chairman.

Blood Donations with Canadian Blood Services

Knights donate their time, talent, treasure as well as their blood through donations to their local community through the Canadian Blood Services.  This Community program is obviously very beneficial to those in need of blood and blood products. Contact the State Community Director for more information.

Habitat for Humanity

The Knights not only undertake their own charitable programs, but they also partner with several organisations, one of which is Habitat for Humanity. As a feature program that helps to provide homes for low-income families, Habitat is in constant need of reliable volunteers to assist them; and the Knights are there to help shoulder the weight in the effort to help needy families.  It is worth mentioning that the low-income families which get the house work together with the volunteers under the direction of Habitat.  Notably, councils which donate both 200 man hours and $1,000 to Habitat fulfill the KC requirements for this service area.Contact the State Community Director for more information.

Food for Families

The Food for Families program provides crucial support low-income families.  Food collected through this program can be given to local soup kitchens etc. such as the Marian Centre, Edmonton Food Bank, etc.  In collaboration with councils, Supreme rebates $100 for every $500, or for every 1000 pounds of food to participating councils.  Another food program is the Lent by which councils can include its local parish. Contact the State Community Director for more information.


Leonardo M. Sosa Jr.

Leonardo M. Sosa Jr.

Community Program Director

Programs & Activities

  • - Volunteering
  • - Housing Projects
  • - Public Safety
  • - Blood Donor Clinic
  • - Visiting the Sick
  • - Display the Flag
  • - Assist Seniors
  • - Letter Writing
  • - Catholic Foundation
  • - ICCD Draw
  • - Rose Sunday
  • - 4th Degree
  • - Air Show
  • - St. Patrick’s Day Tea
  • - Knights before Christmas
  • - Santa Claus Parade
  • - Wheelchair Program
  • - Habitat for Humanity
  • - Plant tree in your community.
  • - Organise a beautification project.
  • - Host a mass to honour law enforcement, firefighters & paramedics.
  • - Invite police chief and/or officers to council meeting find how your council help face problems in the community.
  • - Provide tutors to help raise money to battle adult illiteracy.
  • - Adopt a highway