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Council Programs

Holy Mass with Council Members with Their Families

Attending holy mass with your fellow council members and their families would be a great way to unite more closely with Knights and family members and at once provide a good example to fellow parishioners.  Your parish priest would be supportive of this and should be consulted for his help.  Family members could also participate in the liturgy as lectors, altar servers, sacristans, etc.  Be sure to announce this in your council newsletter, the parish bulletin, and through emails.  Your Fourth Degree members may wish to come also.  Before or after the mass, the council members and their families could pray the Rosary together.  Notably, bear in mind that service in liturgical roles should be recorded in your council’s Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity and the Columbian Award Application towards receiving your Star Council Award.

Special Olympics

special_olympics_logoThe Knights are dedicated to Special Olympics, serving those with intellectual and physical disabilities, which ultimately include thousands of people worldwide.  Councils can volunteer with the Special Olympics as well as simply making a donation for this feature program. Contact the State Special Olympics Chairman; or the State Special Olympics Chairman North ; for more information.

Knight of the Month and of the Year

Our Knight of the Month and Knight of the Year awards recognise brother Knights who exemplify the values taught by our Church and our Order – Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism as well as those who make extraordinary contributions to their parish, community, or council.  Contact your Grand Knight, your council Family Director, or the State Family Director for more information.

State Sports Events and Fundraising

Be sure to contact the State Council Director;  to learn more about the State Curling, Hockey, and Golf events as well as the Charities Appeal Chairman; for fundraising tickets.

Annual State Convention

The annual State Convention occurs between the last weekend in April and the first weekend in May, but typically the former. It is held in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, and occasionally Lethbridge. More information should be on our main website. You may also wish to contact the Annual Convention Chairman;


William S. Potvin

William S. Potvin

Council Program Director

Programs & Activities

  • - Holy mass with council members with their families
  • - Pancake Breakfast
  • - Garage Sale
  • - Awards Night
  • - Socials
  • - Newsletter
  • - Public Relations
  • - Council Historian
  • - Bulletin Boards
  • - Council Photographer.
  • - Council Web Page
  • - Certificate Maker
  • - Open House
  • - Public Spokesmen
  • - Golf Tournament
  • - Curling
  • - Ticket Sales
  • - Grey Cup Pool
  • - Dinner Meetings
  • - G.K. Christmas Party
  • - Parish men's Nights
  • - Special Olympics
  • - Knight of the month/year
  • - Celebrate founders day Special mass or open house.
  • - Sponsor athletic team.
  • - Plan council outing to local sporting event.