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Culture of Life Programs

Alberta March for Life and Calgary Hike for Life

Councils should consider participating in the Life which occurs on the second Thursday of May in Edmonton.  Similarly, Knights may also wish to partake in the Calgary which also happens in May.  Remember that these are feature programs so that participation in either of these fulfils your council’s Culture of Life requirement.  Imagine what it would be like for your council to raise funds to charter a bus to one of these events!  Your council could even include fellow parishes which would be an excellent example for your council and the Order.  Be sure to bring your council Chaplain or parish priest.  For more information, contact our State Culture of Life Chairman;

Memorial to the Unborn

Councils may be interested in erecting pro-life memorials in cemeteries or on parish grounds on behalf of the thousands of Alberta children who have been aborted.  For more information, contact our State Culture of Life

Roses for Life

The Roses for Life campaign involves selling roses to parishioners after mass (with your priest’s permission) to raise Culture of Life funds and to raise awareness of the value of all human life from conception to natural end and showcases the Knights witness against abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia as well as human cloning.  For more information, contact our State Culture of Life

The Silver Rose Run

Started in 1960, the Silver Rose Run commemorates Our Lady of Guadalupe which goes from Canada throughout the Unites States and finally arrives in Mexico, thus spanning all of North America.  Get your council involved!  For more information, contact our State Culture of Life Chairman;


Patrice Roussel

Patrice Roussel

Culture of Life Program Director

Programs & Activities

  • - Culture of Life Fund
  • - Life Hike
  • - 40 Days of Life
  • - Campaign for Life Rally
  • - Life’s Vision Banquet
  • - Life Chain
  • - Day of the Unborn
  • - March for Life
  • - Gospel of Life
  • - Baby Bottle Campaign
  • - Baby Showers
  • - Memorial to the Unborn
  • - Ultrasound Initiative.