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Family Programs

Fathers for Good

Fathers-for-Good is another program for councils to undertake.  As indicated by its name, it is directed to helping Knights become better fathers.  Contact the State Family Director; , for more information.

Family of the Month and of the Year

The Knights of Columbus councils are encouraged to recognize a family from their council for every month, based upon Catholic values and principles of our Order.  Refer to the Family of the Month guide.  Then the State will decide upon the family of the year based upon submissions, because families are central to the Knights and foundational to a healthy society.  Contact the State Family Director;,  for more information.

Food for Families/ Refund for Hunger Outreach Program

The Supreme Council continues to refund $100 for every $500 or 1,000 pounds of food donated to food banks, food pantries and soup kitchens, up to a maximum refund of $500 per council per fraternal year.

Indicated contributions of food and/or money should be cumulative for the fraternal year. Participation in this program may qualify a council to fulfil all four of the Family Activity requirements for the Columbian Award.

Marian Hour of Prayer in Honour of Our Holy Family

Framed and blessed copies of the Holy Family icon have been distributed to State Deputies from all around the world. These inspiring icons are available for councils to display at their parish. Smaller copies of the icon can also be made available. Click here to link to the Holy Family Prayer Booklet PDF.  Contact the Marian Hour of Prayer Chairman North or the Marian Hour of Prayer Chairman South, for more information as well as to register and check the icon schedule.

Family Fully Alive

Councils should go to for all the newest and latest material for this family program. The new book is available to councils for just the charge of shipping. It includes a new set of monthly themes and lengthy resources.

Family Week

We are awarding credit for any Family Week activities (typically the second week of August – see fraternal leader planner) that could include family picnics, Masses, gatherings, youth activities. While we have not provided additional resources yet for this program under the BDC initiative, if a council already counts Family Week activities they will get Domestic Church Credit.


Sal Ficaccio

Sal Ficaccio

Family Program Director

Programs & Activities

  • - Marriage Encounter
  • - Corporate Breakfast
  • - Marriage Vow Renewal
  • - Adopt a Family
  • - Family Sunday
  • - Family of the Month
  • - Ladies Night
  • - Family Picnic
  • - District Bar-B-Que
  • - Widows Assistance
  • - Memorials
  • - Memorial Service
  • - Family Night
  • - Marian Hour of Prayer
  • - Consecration of the holy Family.
  • - Family fully alive.
  • - Journey to the Inn.
  • - Holy Family prayer program prayer services.
  • - Foods for Families. Reimbursement program.
  • - Refund for Hunger Outreach Program
  • - CIS study course