Brothers. Following are highlights of some vocations activities promoted in Alberta/NWT:

  1. RSVP (Refund to Support Vocations Program). Form #2863. RSVP funds are donated by Councils or Assemblies to a seminarian or religious aspirant, not to cover the cost of their education charged by the seminary or institution; rather funds are to be used for personal needs. Councils get $100 refunded by Supreme, for each $500 given to men and women who are studying to become a priest or religious sister. Supreme will return a maximum refund of $400 annually, per individual. Reminder that Councils participating in RSVP, meeting all of its minimum requirements will fulfill all four Church Activity requirements for the Columbian Award (form #SP-7).Supreme reports on RSVP results by calendar year in an annual letter to State Vocations Directors every February. The latest summary of RSVP results for 2016: Thirteen Councils and 1 Assembly within AB/NWT jurisdiction participated, donating $19,500 and helping 32 individuals. Two donations were made to female novices or postulants.
  2. Prayers for Vocations. Bishop Emeritus of Calgary Diocese once said: Nothing is more effective than ceaseless prayer for vocations. Every meeting of the Knights councils should include a prayer for vocations. Contact pastors to see if they would like to conduct Holy Hours for Vocations in their parishes. Local vocations committees should cooperate as requested in helping to organize the event. The committee can generate publicity to stimulate attendance. If it is not feasible to have a Holy Hour in a parish, perhaps Mass intentions could be celebrated monthly for priests and persons within Consecrated Life.
  3. For Vocations programming ideas, check out the supreme web site at
  4. Supreme Council provides two main scholarships for seminarians: The Father Michael J McGivney Vocations Scholarship provides an annual grant of $2,500 per person, based on financial need for up to 4 years of theology for tuition, room and board. The Bishop Thomas V. Daily Vocations Scholarship also provides $2,500 but is primarily merit based, taking academic performance into account. To obtain additional information, please contact the Supreme Council Scholarship Department at (203) 752-4332 or email: with “vocations scholarships” typed in the subject line.

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