Religious Vocations Awareness Contest in Grade 5


The Knights of Columbus Alberta/NWT are grateful for the ongoing participation from their parish and school communities. The work to create an original hand drawn poster by a Grade 5 student is an annual event sponsored by The Knights of Columbus in Alberta, which demonstrates that these students are aware of the call of Jesus to “come follow him” in full time religious ministries, particularly the Priesthood, Holy Orders, Consecrated and Religious life.

There were excellent posters again this year. It is difficult for teachers to pick one for their class school and for Councils to pick one from several classes in several schools, and harder for the State to select the one that stands out overall, but the results speak for themselves. Collectively, all the students are witnessing God’s call.

We want to thank all the students who participated during the 2016-17 school year. Teachers, principals and staff at all school boards, and the gentlemen in the Knights of Columbus Councils who spend the time to visit the schools to coordinate the posters and awards made. This year, the contest was conducted in ten parishes across much of Alberta, involving dozens of teachers and several hundreds of students. We thank them all for their participation.

We are pleased to post below the overall best poster in Alberta-NWT based on the theme of religious vocations awareness.  The student responsible for the Poster is Evan K, a Grade 5 student from St. Basil School in Calgary, Alberta. He was among seven artists that received a monetary award for excellent work on their posters.

May 15, 2017

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